The art of Laura-Mae Pittman

Mudpatch’s family tree :)

A W.I.P. I wish I had more time to work on! This one’s going to be another one of my portfolio pieces (AKA this is only like less than ten percent the size of the actual image.)

I hope this will look cool when it’s finished! ;u;

I’m way too excited about this cutie that I got from MaryLittleRose@dA! I gave her the prompt “Lychee Rose Chinese Dragon” and she gave me this adorable and amazing character.

Posting the sketch to tumblr before I finish it (which will be…um…at some point in the future).

I’m thinking of naming her Paisley~

Tingle, 2014, Paint Tool SAI
© Laura-Mae Pittman

I’m actually super surprised I haven’t uploaded this to tumblr yet considering it’s kind of what my whole blog is based around.